Kura / Kip

10:15 min.
standard definition video

“In his film, Kura / Kip, we see the artist and his Polish family laying out their garden. As an artist, he has license to determine the composition, while his family look on with patience and mute acceptance. The next day, it seems that in the absence of the artist, his aunt and grandmother have disassembled his “installation” and redesigned it according to their own insights.”

Rieke Vos, critic and curator

Kura / Kip was shown at "Zomergasten" in De Haagse Kunstkring in The Hague (2015), at "Ernstig Geschikt! 2013" in Circa...dit in Arnhem, and the Gerrit Rietveld Academie Graduation Show 2013 in Amsterdam.