Not all those who wander are... (Instant History #1)


granite rock, crystal, COR-TEN steel, public object

Not all those who wander are... (Instant History #1) was developed for Loyens & Loeff and consists of a natural boulder into which core notions and illustrations related to Loyens & Loeff have been hand-carved, based on employees' notes taken during a workshop together (see top image).

It functions like an ancient means of registration and orientation, and was made in light of Loyens & Loeff's imminent move to a new location (which is marked by its sister-work ...looking for the Mother Load (Instant History #2)), which stimulated my view of the company's employees as a close-knit nomadic tribe going from one location to the other. Their past locations and their future location are all marked on the stone, as are some of their shared values and anecdotes.

These notions and illustrations were suggested by the employees; I merely opted to transform these notions and illustrations into a concise and staged-historical form of writing and material. Individual Loyens & Loeff employees wrote down their joint vision on the boulder, as was done in ancient times by travellers and nomadic tribes that plotted both fictional and actual routes on the basis of landmarks.

Edo Dijksterhuis wrote the following -in Dutch- in his article on GET LOST art route 2018 in Het Parool:

"Marek van de Watering ging een intensieve samenwerking aan met het personeel van Loyens & Loeff. In workshops liet hij de advocaten hun kantoor definiëren in tekeningen en woorden. Het logo, de generieke missionstatements, maar ook de naam van de barista graveerde hij in een zwerfkei die nu voor de deur ligt. Een aluminium kopie legde hij bij de bouwplaats waar het nieuwe kantoor komt, als een omineuze meteoriet. Geen dor beleidsdocument bepaalt hier de toekomst, maar een bijna goddelijke aanwijzing."

Not all those who wander are... (Instant History #1) was made within the frame of GET LOST art route 2018 and is specifically made for Loyens & Loeff, in front of whose office it can still be found.

I am thankful to all those involved for their support and contributions - it is really a work of collaboration.